Dear Teams, Coaches, Officials and Synchro friends!

For many weeks, our organizing committee gave much thought to the realization of the Cup of Dresden this upcoming spring in times of SARS-CoV19. We are aware of the fact that you all need planning reliability to prepare the season, make hotel reservations and book flights or bus companies.


However, we have to acknowledge that in light of the current situation we cannot guarantee a sure planning. Although the number of Coronavirus cases remains rather stable and comparatively low in Dresden, Saxony, we cannot give a prognosis for what is to come in the winter months. Furthermore, more countries are being declared as risk area almost every day. In some regions, teams are still not allowed to practice together.

Consequently and with a heavy heart, we have come to the decision that the 3rd Cup of Dresden will not take place in 2021. All the work for our competition is done by volunteers and enthusiastic supporters of our local ice skating club. We promise to seize this inadvertent break to gather all our energy and to develop a feasible concept for 2022.

We very much hope for your understanding and above all that you will remain loyal to us and we will see each other again soon - healthy and safe!


Your Organizing Committee
Claudia Gallwitz

Susanne Schöne

Torsten Wenzel

With this in mind we look to the coming year 2021 with optimism. Meanwhile we invite you to join our Online Event: