"TOGETHER ONCE" is organized by CUP OF DRESDEN. It shall be a unique and one time online event of non-profit and non-competitive nature. It is supposed to bring joy and a sense of togetherness among the synchro community amidst this global pandemic.


For a few months now nothing has been the same in many areas of life, especially in our beloved ice skating sport and synchronized skating discipline. In these times, we are all struggling with the effects of this unpredictable virus that has spread around the world. Many areas of public life have come to a standstill and are facing severe restrictions. This includes numerous sports clubs who are affected by this crisis: ice rinks are closed, practice sessions are severely restricted while at the same time events and competitions have to be cancelled one after another. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this season’s third edition of „Cup of Dresden“ had to be cancelled, too.  For this reason we have decided to make good use of this compulsory break by promoting the digital networking of the synchronized skating community.



Hopefully, one day everything will be back to normal.  Meanwhile we want to say: Let's not despair or bury our heads in the sand! With our event  we can show to the world that we don't stop fighting and stay true to the sport we all love!



„TOGETHER ONCE“ it is not a competition. Our goal is to offer all who are interested an opportunity to gather around and meet virtually. The main purpose of the event is not to compare one another but to point out that we are all in the same boat right now and are all trying to make the best out of this situation.


„TOGETHER ONCE“ will be a one-time online event. Depending on each situation and technical possibilities we plan a live connection to the participating teams and guests. The event is expected to be broadcasted in mid-March 2021.



For your participation we kindly ask you to send video clips. You can introduce yourselve, show your city's landmarks and explain how you deal with the current situation. If you can practice together in person, you may showcase  your current programs or provide another wonderful performance off ice. If your practice sessions are severely restricted right now or up until the end of February, you are welcome to  demonstrate that you are still active anyway. That can be a compilation of home-workout clips, recording of video call sessions or a dance - there are no creative boundaries. We are curious about every of your stories and how they will be told!


For more information see the INVITATION and REGISTRATION FORMS below.



For contact please use:      togetheronce(at)web.de

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